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  • Children

    We treat children from ages 3 - 18 for behavior problems (ADHD, ODD, CD), academic underachievement, anxiety or depression. We work with children going through divorce or loss of a loved one. Read More

  • Adults

    We treat adults with a wide range of challenges including anxiety, depression, mood disorders as well as phase of life problems including divorce, career change or grief and loss Read More

  • Couples

    We do pre-marital counseling and help couples work through challenging times. We do discernment counseling and if needed will mediate your divorce. Read More

  • Substance Abuse

    We provide individual therapy for alcohol and drug abuse. We also treat other addictions including food, retail and gaming additions. We also provide EAP counseling. Read More

  • Mediation

    We can mediate your divorce PRO SE and help you and your spouse make the best decisions for yourself and your family in a non-adversarial setting.  We also mediate other issues include family disputes over caring of an aging parent. Read More

  • Family

    We work with families to help improve communication and to resolve conflict.   We work to build on family strengths to help families work through challenging times. Read More

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