Tips to Keep on Track for the ADHD Child

As most parents with ADHD children know, they have lots of extra energy.  In fact some have so much energy that watching them sometimes makes us feel tired and drained ourselves.  Here is one tip to help you and your child.

Engage your child in some kind of physical activity so they can work off some of their energy.  Let the child know before hand that their play time is limited.  Also establish a system of pre-warnings as their play time draws to a close.  This reduces the potential for temper tantrums, melt-downs (your own included) and a need to make a closing argument before your child as to why he/she should stop playing NOW!!.  Set out the rules of play in simple, clear and uncomplicated language and the consequences if the rules are not followed.  Have your child repeat these rules to make sure he/she heard you (yes you recognize that zoned out look when you’re talking to your ADHD child).  And for you soft hearted mother out there who melts when she looks into her child’s tear-filled eyes and begins to have this unrealistic notion that you are a bad mother.  Be the bad mother in that moment -harden your heart against those begging eyes and  follow through with the consequences.  It will pay off in the long run..

Some  ADHD children also have impulse control issues and often get into conflict with others, so it is best to confine your child to an activity that he/she can do alone or with just a few other children.  If your child participates in group activity be prepared to spot before hand and intervene when it appears that a situation is going to deteriorate into aggressive behavior.  I know it is not always possible to do this and so if your child becomes embroiled with other kids, be prepared to step in and firmly remove your child from the fray and give him/her a time out period to cool down before allowing your child back into group activities.

When these situations occur.. no matter how you feel like screaming at the child and tearing your hair out…remember the number one rule.. no matter the provocation…. maintain your cool…