In Times of Crises | Psychotherapy in Hollywood Florida

Have you ever wondered what stuff your family is made of? Well there is no better (or worse) time to find out than during a crisis. One of the many things that can rip a family unit apart and create gigantic tensions between factions is when the issue of caring for another family member who is either ill, elderly or incapable of looking after themselves arises. Usually in such situations there is only one or maybe two family members who will rise to the occasion taking on the multifaceted roles of care-giver, paying bills from their own resources etc etc- the list is long. If you are one of these care-givers have you ever looked around you and wondered where did all the other members of the family disappear ? Even worse, have you ever had to have a “family discussion” about sharing the financial cost of caring for the loved one. Oh yes.. that’s when we see disappearing acts, avoidance, throwing of words and downright “cuss outs” and you are left to wonder what happened to the notion of a civilized discussion about how to care for one’s elderly relative?

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Julie Chen and Devina Cruickshank-Brown