ADHD, not only Hyperactivity | Child Therapy Hollywood FL

ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is now a relatively well known childhood problem. When one hears the term “ADHD” images of over-energized children, who cannot sit still and always are on the go come to mind. And yes, (you know them teachers) those kids who must go to the bathroom several times during class time. It is as though they are like a huge ball bouncing around. Then there are the talkers: those kids who can never seem to keep quiet no matter the time, place or “shhing” from teachers, parents and fellow classmates. These are the more obvious signs that a child might be ADHD. While this may be true, it draws our attention away from those kids who appear obedient, are quiet and give no trouble. Yet when we speak to them it is as though we are talking to ourselves. They appear to “zone out” or to be in “la la land”. No matter how often we repeat something, it is as though they never heard us. We often hear parents say “my child is not ADHD as they can sit still and are not like the other ADHD kids I know”. Not all ADHD children are “hyper”. There are many ADHD kids who are only inattentive which means they are forgetful or are often daydreaming. These kids are often forgotten or fall through the cracks when it comes to treatment because they are not causing a disruption at home or at school, but they need just as much help as the kid who bounces off the wall. Some symptoms you may look for are those kids who make careless mistakes, being easily distracted, losing pens or school work, forgetfulness (remember those homework assignments not turned in because “I forgot to give it to the teacher” or “I forgot it at home” or “I lost it” ) , skipping from one activity before finishing the next. Remember the child who is daydreaming in class is having the just as much difficulty with focusing and staying on track with chores and assignments as the child who cannot sit still. The right treatment can make a big difference in grades and self-esteem.

Julie Chen and Devina Cruickshank-Brown