LETTING GO | Family Therapy Hollywood, FL

Many times we see adults, couples, families, parents that can’t let go of past hurts.  They replay the events of the past over and over, each time re-experiencing the negative event and leaving themselves with hurt, anger, resentment or even hatred.   Some people seem to be able to let things go and move on and others are consumed with the past, often leading to anxiety and depression, as well as family relationship problems.  Letting go is hard and often family and friends tell us to “move on”, let go or that time will heal.  For many people it just isn’t enough.  When the past affects your current relationships negatively, when it leads to anxiety and depression, it’s time to think about letting go and remembering that you are good enough and you deserve to be happy.   Affirmations and positive self talk are a great way to start shifting your focus from the past to the present and reaching out for help from a professional.

Julie Chen and Devina Cruickshank-Brown