3 Benefits of Pre-marital Counseling | Hollywood, FL

So you’ve found that special someone- someone with whom you’d like to spend the rest of your life and you’re ready to make that next move- marriage. Getting married- it’s one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make- one that will change your life forever- but before taking such a huge step, consider attending counseling. Here are three benefits to pre-marital counseling.

  1. Help improve communication. Communication is key to a healthy and happy marriage so understanding how you each express your feelings and learning how to effectively communicate with your partner will help your marriage in the long run.
  2. Talk over your finances. The stress of dealing with financial problems can be quite significant- leading some marriages to end in divorce. Discussing your finances with your therapist and learning the best ways for you and your significant other to budget and save, as well as figuring out productive ways to work through any financial problems you may experience in the future, can be quite beneficial to your relationship. Knowing that you can cope with any financial difficulties together as a team is a great way to start off your marriage.
  3. Learn each other’s values in terms of raising a family, religion, etc. Do you know how many children you and your significant other would like to have? Have you discussed how you will raise your children with regards to religion, morals and values? What about your parenting styles? Do they match up? Learning what your values are and how you would like to raise your family, as well as gaining insight into effective parenting skills, can help unite you even more as a couple.

Marriage is a partnership and at times can lead you down a difficult path. You might even consider divorce at times, but acquiring productive techniques through pre-marital counseling can help build your relationship to become even stronger as you face the ups and downs of married life.

Alicia Emamdee, RMHCI (Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern), is the author of the YA romance novel, “Aloha Self-Esteem?” which provides ways for teen girls to improve their self-esteem. Alicia is currently working on her second novel in her self-esteem series for women in their 30s and 40s. 

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