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I’m a Realist and this Realist knows that you can’t be happy 100% of the time and anyone who tells you otherwise is outright lying. I know that sounds harsh and I’m sure you’ve seen blogs and articles from “Happy People” on how to be as happy as they are. I bet you’ve also seen blogs and articles on “the pursuit of happiness.” Well, I’m here to bust your bubble…just a little. I’m a realist, yes, but I’m also happy and upbeat and this Happy Upbeat Realist, at this point, needs to explain herself to you, so here I go:

7 Tips on How to live a happier life from the Happy Upbeat Realist perspective:

  1. Like I mentioned above, no one is happy 100% of the time and those who consider themselves to be “Happy People” know this. Yes, even those feel good, Happy People experience other moods that are far from happy. We all do. The difference with Happy People is how they deal with their feelings. First of all, Happy People own their feelings, whatever they may be. You have to first identify what the feeling is before you can deal with it. Become more like Happy People and tell yourself that the feeling won’t last forever and will go away and that you will start to feel better again. Whenever I tell myself that, the feeling already begins to dissipate. Also, allow yourself to experience the feeling and work through it. For instance, whenever I feel depressed or really frustrated, I write in my journal…completely uncensored! It’s cathartic for me. I also do yoga or sometimes go for a walk to clear my head. Don’t become consumed by your feelings. Deal with them in an effective way by finding what works for you.
  1. Look on the brighter side of life. Do you ever have one of those days where everything seems to be going wrong? Stop for a second and make a list of any good things that have happened for the day. I have fibromyalgia, a condition that causes extreme fatigue, poor cognitive functioning and overall pain, and there are days when I feel absolutely horrible. Instead of dwelling on how awful I feel, I look at what’s good in my life, like the love and support of my family. By doing that, I mentally start to feel better and once I start to feel better mentally, the emotional and physical do follow. Looking on the brighter side of life ties into the next Happy People “happy tip.”
  1. Show gratitude and be grateful for all that you have. Every morning, I state who and what I am grateful for and by doing that, I’ve realized just how much I have to be thankful for, from the biggest of things to the littlest of things. Showing gratitude sets my day up to be a positive one. This leads me to my next tip:
  1. Change your attitude to one that is positive. There is absolutely no value in being negative or complaining all the time. Have you ever heard of anyone becoming a happier person by being negative? It’s just not possible! Whenever you find yourself thinking or talking in a negative way, stop yourself and become like Happy People by focusing on the positives. Changing your attitude into a positive one changes your whole outlook on life.
  1. Exercise and eat right. If you treat your body well, you start to feel good about yourself. Plus, who doesn’t like those endorphins from exercise? And, exercise can help relieve stress. It’s been proven, People! Also, eating healthy helps you feel energized and rejuvenated!
  1. Enjoy spending time with yourself. There’s a commercial, a beer commercial I think, from a few years back that dares to ask the question: Would you be friends with you if you met yourself out somewhere? Ask yourself: Do you like you? Do you really and truly like yourself? If not, start now. Some of my most fun times are with just me…by myself…laughing out loud at some silly, random thought or dancing to a song that’s playing on my computer or in my head. I really and truly like me and enjoy my company and yes, 100% yes, I would hang out with me if I met myself out somewhere. We’d be Besties! This leads me to my next tip:
  1. Enjoy your life. Sometimes you need to take a break from the everyday routine. Do something fun and spontaneous every now and then, and make sure you laugh…a lot too. Life isn’t always meant to be taken seriously. It’s okay to be silly and goofy at times. Bring out your inner child every so often because she needs her playtime too!

See? It’s not so hard to become one of the “Happy People.” You will see your whole perspective on life change if you focus on being happy right now. Speaking of right now, when people talk about the pursuit of happiness, to me it sounds like something you’re chasing after, which, at some point in the future, can be attained. NONSENSE, I tell you! You can be happy right here, right now. Reality check from the Realist: you have no idea what the future holds for you so live in the moment…live in the present, and while you’re doing that, make sure you enjoy it!


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