5 Stress Relieving Tips to Help Reduce Worrying

Are you a worry wort? Do you stress about every issue that comes your way? Worrying can affect your everyday life, causing physical, mental and emotional stress. If it gets out of hand, it can cause impairment at work, social gatherings and at home, creating problems with your co-workers, boss(es), friends, family and/or significant other. Here are 5 tips to help you worry less.

  1. Stop worrying about things you cannot change. If there is an issue you’re worrying about that you have no control over, stop stressing about it. Creating unnecessary anxiety is a waste of your time and energy. You don’t want the things you cannot control to affect your overall health and mental well-being, so take a deep breath and let them go.
  2. Just before bedtime, write a list of issues that are causing you stress. This helps diminish your worries, which can cause insomnia. Leave a pen and pad by your bedside. If you start worrying about a problem in the middle of the night, write about it. Put your worries to the side so that you can have a more restful night’s sleep.
  3. Ask yourself this question: Will worrying help solve the problem? The answer is usually no. Be your own voice of reason. Tell yourself that worrying won’t fix the issue and may cause you unneeded anxiety.
  4. Step back and refocus. If the matter cannot be solved right away or if you’re unable to come up with a good solution, take a breather, clear your head and come back to the issue at a later time. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you can’t solve it on your own. Your loved ones will be there for you if you need advice and support.
  5. Find an activity to help relieve your stress. Reading a good book, listening to music, going for a walk and working out are some examples of great stress relievers. You need to take care of yourself so find something you like and make the time to do it.

Don’t allow your worries to consume you. Know that you have control over your thoughts and what you allow yourself to feel. If you believe your issues are more than you can cope with, therapy is a good option. A therapist can be a great sounding board and can provide you with effective strategies to help relieve your anxiety. If you need assistance with stress management and anxiety, we can help. Give us a call at (954) 832-3602. We are located in Hollywood, Florida.

Alicia Emamdee is the author of the YA Romance novel, “Aloha Self-Esteem?” which is created specifically for teen girls and the challenges they face with regards to their self-esteem in our society today. Written as a love story, the book provides ways to help increase self-esteem and gain self-confidence.


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