5 Underlying Causes of Academic Underachievement

Are you concerned about your child’s grades in school? Academic underachievementcan be caused by a number of factors, and it’s important to get to the root of the problem so that your child can get the proper help he/she needs. Here are some underlying causes of academic underachievement.

  1. Anxiety and/or depression. Both anxiety and depression can manifest themselves in different forms with regards to children and teens. The pressure to do well in school, peer pressure, social interactions with peers, anxiety regarding test taking, are all examples of why a child may feel stressed and overwhelmed. Depression may also be a factor. Lack of motivation, lack of energy, feeling irritable and angry and feelings of overwhelming sadness are just some examples of symptoms of depression. Behavioral problems at school and at home can also be symptoms of both anxiety and depression.
  2. Being bullied. It’s important to find out if your child is being bullied. Fear, aggressive behavior towards your child, cyber bullying, etc., could play major factors in children and teens experiencing academic underachievement.
  3. Lack of focus, not being able to pay attention and hyperactivity are some symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, all of which may hinder a child from doing well in school. If you think your child has ADHD, make sure to get him/her evaluated. Your pediatrician can help diagnose your child and can also refer you to a therapist to help with the diagnosis and treatment.
  4. Learning disabilities.It’s important to find out whether your child has any learning disabilities. Talk to his/her teacher about conducting an evaluation to determine if a learning disability may be the cause.
  5. Problems at home.Are there any issues at home that may contribute to your child doing poorly in school? Divorce, grief and loss, domestic violence in the home, moving to a new town or city, are just some examples of problems that may be affecting how your child is doing academically.

Communication is important to help determine why your child is doing poorly. Ask open-ended questions and truly listen to what he/she is saying. Talk to your child’s teachers to help figure out what their concerns are as well. Therapy is also a great way to help find out why your child is not doing well. A therapist can provide the necessary resources and tools to help him/her improve academically.

Once you discover the reasons for your child’s academic underachievement, you can then take the suitable steps towards helping achieve his/her academic goals. Does your child need help improving his/her grades in school? We can help. Give us a call at(954) 832-3602.We are located in Hollywood, Florida.

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