Signs of Postpartum Depression

Signs of Postpartum Depression

Insomnia, hormonal changes and the new stressors and worries of taking care of a new-born may cause some moms to experience irritability, anxiety and sadness. When those feelings become overwhelming and intense, however, this may be cause for major concern. Postpartum depression is a serious illness which affects approximately 15-20% of women in the population. […]


Learning Forgiveness: 3 Tips to Help You Forgive

Learning to forgive is part of the healing process when it comes to coping with your past. Forgiveness does not come easily but can be a significant factor in helping you move forward with your life. Here are 3 tips to help you forgive people who have hurt you in your past. Forgiveness takes time. […]

Family Therapy

4 Benefits of Family Therapy

Family Therapy Tough times can affect one’s family in detrimental ways. When those difficulties become overwhelming, causing stress and strife within the family unit, family therapy can help. Issues related to divorce, financial hardships, mental health, behavioral problems, etc., can be addressed and discussed within a safe environment, guided by a professionally trained family therapist. […]

Self-Esteem Therapy

Social Media and Self-Esteem Therapy & Help

Self-Esteem Therapy related to Social Media Looking at your friends and family’s social media sites can sometimes take a toll on your self-esteem. The utopia that their posts and photos portray can at times make you feel less of a person and make you wish your life was as good as theirs. Here are 3 tips […]

Therapist in Hollywood, FL | 7 tips to life a happier life

7 Tips on How to Live a Happier Life | Therapist in Hollywood, FL

Article originally appeared on the website, I’m a Realist and this Realist knows that you can’t be happy 100% of the time and anyone who tells you otherwise is outright lying. I know that sounds harsh and I’m sure you’ve seen blogs and articles from “Happy People” on how to be as happy as […]