“I have used Creative Solutions 4 Kids and Families for individual, couple, and family counseling. Devina was great with handling my individual and family counseling. She provided creative ways to deal with my anxiety and gave me the right coping skills to deal with traumatic situations I had been through and was going through during the times of our sessions. She also does great with my children who enjoy their sessions where they feel comfortable and free to say exactly what they feel in a fun setting that is geared toward their ages and interests. They always feel like their voices are being heard and what they say really matters to her. I believe they find freedom in that.

Julie was just what my husband and I needed. She was always very straight forward and boldly honest with us which in turn helped us to be the same way with each other but in love of course. Her personality made it easy for my husband to connect with her and be open to speak from his heart because he wasn’t big on the counseling idea. However, July created a safe place where he could be himself with no condemnation.

I have had a wonderful experience with them both since 2010 they have greatly change the dynamics in my family as a whole and I am grateful for their services. I highly recommend them no matter what your needs are because they met every one of mine on every level and I have a very complex background situation but who I was then and who I am now is a more complete and strong person. Not a fragment of broken pieces that were weak and hopeless. They helped myself as well as my family become grounded again from what used to be chaos to a safety place in peace! So, i say Thanks! =)”

By Mo’Nique

I have being using Creative Solutions for the past two years with my child who has ADHD. Ms. Devina has given her the tools to help her with her struggles and has given me continued advice and support when I have needed her. She has helped us through some difficult times and hurdles – and I don’t know what I would have done without her.